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Instant call from Salesforce to inventory software.

My company has an inventory database (Archtics). This database is where our sales reps must pull products to build their orders. Then, they need to go to Salesforce and pull the same products so we can track the sales. This is double work for them. What I want to do is build a button on the Salesforce Opportunity that pulls the products reserved to the related Archtics Account and automatically populates them in corresponding Opportunity Product fields. 


Does anyone know how to do this, or something like it? Any integration softwares or Apex Triggers that you could steer me towards? 


This is urgent, and I'm under a ton of heat.


Thanks for your help.


There is no single line response to this question: Couple of key clarifications can help the community guide you in the right direction:

1. Which system will be the master for the product data or will the products need to be synched?

2. Does the process need to be synchronous or asynchronous?

3. Whats the frequency of this activity by Sales Reps? viz on demand, hourly, nightly

4. What toolkits/data formats/integration features are supported by your inventory system? viz SOAP, REST, XML, JSON

5. Whats existing integration points exist in your enterprise? i.e. are there any existing middleware tools like Biztalk, BPEL tools?