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Custom visual Force page in customer portal

I'm creating a custom visual force page to download files stored in salesforce "Content".

This page will be included in the customer portal.

Do you know if the portal user (after the login) will be able to download the content's file without purchase features? i have found . http://na15.salesforce.com/help/doc/en/customer_portal_content.htm

but it isn't clear for me. I don't want all the content feautures in a tab.I want just to create links to download files stored in salesforce content.

Thanks in advantage for any advice.





A portal user wouldn't have direct access to the content document, without "Salesforce CRM Content" being enabled on their user record. As the user wouldn't have sufficient access, they would most likely get redirected when they clicked on the content link.




Thanks a lot for your help!


I'm going to create a custom tab in the customer portal so the user we'll be able to download files stored in the salesforce Content.

Do you know if is necessary "Salesforce CRM Content" feature for a user to accomplish this?



Customer portal users have access to content via the 'View Content in Portals' profile permission.  You'd only need to activate the feature license for the user if you wanted them to author content.




You can activate the 'View Content in Portal' permission on the portal user's profile - please edit the profile and test - do share the result..


Thanks a lot for your support,you are very kind!


Do you have idea about the format of the URL to create a link to download the Content files?


Now i'm thinking about customer portal user permissions to access the content files. I want that the customer portal user will have automatically access to a certain content library. Have i to write code for this or is there a Salesforce functionality?



Thanks again.

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I would suggest you to go through the following doc which explains how users can be given access to libraries even when they do not have the CRM content license:





Portal users without a Salesforce CRM Content feature license can download, rate, comment on, and subscribe to content if they have the “View Content on Portals” user permission. They cannot view potentially sensitive data such as usernames and download, version, and subscriber history