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Is it possible to monitor forwarding email or errors during email delivery by salesforce?

I know that you can monitor if user has read email sent by SalesForce and even how many times the email was viewed.

Is it possible to monitor forwarding email or errors during email delivery by salesforce also?

For example, I send an email from SalesForce and I want to know if user has forwarded that email to anyone.

Or, if there were mistake in user email and email wasn't delivered can I track that using SalesForce?

Or, if mailbox of recipient is full, can I track that using SalesForce?




Through Salesforce Email logs you can understand if the message to the reciepient was deleievered or not.

The log also shows if the mail was not deleievered and if there was an error the server got from recieving end..


Would suggest you to go through the followings docs which describes about email logs:




For the bounce backs one can get if the Contact/lead email address is incorrect - there is a feature in Salesforce called Bounce Management:




With this functionality, Salesforce can detect if the mail sent to a contact(the first time) was deleievered correctly or not.

if there is a bounce back - Salesforce will give you an alert notifying that the mail bounced and will throw an error if you try to send an email back to the same wrong email address the next time.


Hope this info helps!



From your reply it seems that there is possibility to find out if any error occurred during email delivery.

It is still a question whether this can be performed not manually but using some apex code.

Also I didn't understand if we can either manually or automatically using apex code detect if email sent from salesforce was forwarded to other recipients.

It seems you haven't mentioned about it in your reply.

I am still interested in answer.