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How to make fields visible in Highlight panel in Service Console application?



In my project, we enable chatter and publisher actions to use case feed pagelayout.


In that case feed pagelayout, we checked the highlight panel to be visible in Service console application.

In the highlight panel, we are mapping some fields to show on the Case detail page in Service console. In that, in middle pane,

we used to display below four fileds:

1. Case Number 2. Created date 3. Subject 4. Description

Here, Case number is auto number and created date(Date/Time Opened), both are standard fields. These two fields we cannot move and remove in the highlight panel.


We have give visibility and Read only permissions for each profile. So, every user can able to see these two fields.


When the user clicks on any case, these two fields Case number and Created Date are not appearing in the highlight panel.


I checked profile wise, field level security and pagelayout assignment also. In each level, those feilds are visible and read only.


But, i don't know how to fix this issue. How to make display these two values visible when the user clicks any case in Service Console.


Any one can suggest and support me in this.


Thanks in advance.



Rhonda RossRhonda Ross
This is a current limiation, but you can vote up the idea to make here visible here: