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Data Loader v.24 & Bulk API

I'am trying to load data into Salesforce.com using Data Loader v.24 & Bulk API.

My CSV file have 100K record so I have configured Dataloader to use Bulk API with Batchsize = 10000

Executing the import I have noticed that creates a single Batch Job with a lot Batch process but the record processed for each batch process is not 10000,


I do not understand why but is random causing a large number of batch (some batch have 1 record!)


I tried to do the same with version 23 and I got the same result but with version 19 everything works fine (10000 record for each batch process).

Has anyone else had the same problem?
It's problem recognized by Salesforce.com?
We are forced to use the ver. 19?



Hari SharmaHari Sharma

We are facing the same problem after Spring 12 upgrade of our instance.


I'm having the same issue also.  Have the size set to 2000, but keeps uploading in increments of 200.