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Force.com Migration Tool - Migrate page layouts and field changes without running Apex test methods

Does anyone know if it is possible using the Force.com Migration Tool (Ant) to migrate page layouts and field changes (new picklist values, record type assignments, etc.) without running the Apex test methods in the target org? I do not see why page layout changes should cause test methods to run, and if a class or trigger is not based on a field being updated, it would also be great if the test methods could be avoided. This may be better placed on the idea exchange, but I thought I'd try my luck here first.




At this time teh Migration Toolkit forces a full run of tests regardless of what you are actually deploying.


Hope this helps.



That is what I suspected, but I had heard from a couple places that there were intentions to change this at some future update. I hope it's not too far off.


Thanks, Jay!