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Force.com IDE Version 21 for Eclipse

When will Force.com IDE version 21 be available for Eclipse?


I found it nowhere. Is it available then can anyone post the link from where i can update it?


I went to check updates from force.com startup page in eclipse but i am not getting the latest IDE.


I want to use contentdocumentLink object released in spring11 which is available for API version 21 but cannot use it in eclipse because of IDE version 20.

Cory CowgillCory Cowgill

There is no IDE for Spring 11 yet.


Frustrating isn't it?


I continually have to update the version setting to 21 on all the metadata files to take advantage of new governor limits.


At this point I'm just hoping they release an update with Summer 11 (v22)!


More than they just release a updated version, i want them to have some improvements on the IDE itself.

Basic xml and EMF editors are no good.


Just see the industry the IDE's are extremely good in terms of drag and drop, wizards, Rich UI editors.


I was on WebEx for Summer '11 Release and happened to ask the same question. They said, other than fixing the end points they haven't did anything for IDE.


This is bad.


We need good editors for editing Objects, Fields, Field Properties, Visual force pages(Just like JSP/JSF/ GWT page editors) to the least and if possible for Workflow, Approval Process etc.