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ISCHANGED rule criteria + Time-dependent workflow action: alternative?

Situation is as follows:

-  A custom date field: "cooperation agreement".
-  60 days before the "cooperation agreement" expires, an email alert is sent to the account owner = time- dependent workflow action.
-  Since it's a time-dependent worfklow action, I have to use the evaluate rule "Every time a record is created or edited"
-  Every year the date of the cooperation agreement is prolonged, so the workflow rule itself has to be triggered each time the date is changed: rule criteria = ISCHANGED (Cooperation agreement).

Unfortunately it's not possible to use the ISCHANGED function in combination with the "Every time a record is created or edited" evaluate rule. Besides, I can not use the evaluate rule "When a record is created, or when a record is edited and...", since this is not possible with time-dependent workflow actions...

So I'm kinda stuck here. Anyone sees an alternative?

Thanks in advance!


From what I can tell of your post, it appears you are trying to go about this the wrong way.


I believe this is how it should be:


Triggers: When a record is created, or edited and did not previously meet the critera.

Filters: Formula: Cooperation_Agreement__c > TODAY()+60


What happens is that the email is sent 60 days before the date (per your rule). When the date is updated to the next year, it will have been previously false but now true. Therefore, the email will be queued again... This is what you're looking for, right?


Yeah I guess that's an option too.


However, I do like the possibility to see which actions are to be executed in the future, and this is only available when choosing for time-dependent workflow actions.


But I just experimented a bit with my rule criteria and apparantly I don't even need the ISCHANGED function. My rule criteria now is "Cooperation agreement not equal to null", and my worfklow rule + action seems to be working fine. Whenever I change the Cooperation agreement date, Salesforce recalculates the time trigger (already fired or still unfired) associated with the rule.