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objects/Account.object(3223,19):Property 'role' not valid in version 20.0

I am getting errors like the above for property 'role', 'group', and 'roleAndSubordinates' for multiple objects in my org when I attempt to deploy from Sandbox to Sandbox. Friday evening deployment went off without a hitch and this afternoon, after making some class and page changes, I get these errors and am unable to get my code moved.


Wy do I think this has something to do with Summer '11 arriving in my Sandboxes yesterday? Any idea how to fix it?


Try changing the following from whatever version you have on your package.xml to  22.0




I am having this same issue with a custom object when deploying a list view for that object.  The suggested fix of changing the version to 22 did not work...


Any help would be much appreciated... For now I will just leave that list view off the deployment list.


same here.. (talking to  salesforce support for this issue.. )




Looks like salesforce changed some of these tags in summer 11  :(




rolesAndSubordinates  --> roleAndSubordinates

roles --> role