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S-Control to run a DOS executable

I have written a program in .NET that logins in to Sales Force and extracts data and reformats it in an excel file.  It works fine when run from the command line or within windows, but I want to run it within SalesForce.  Most probably create some type of s-control.  The main reason I would like to run it within SalesForce is because the user will already be authenticated, so it makes it easier for them to just click a button/link. 

Is there any samples/codes that I can be pointed to or any suggestions?

Gareth DaviesGareth Davies
Hi There

I've never had much luck including a .NET assembly in an S-Control but it will work - though access to the local file system will be much restricted and you will be limited to IE and no firefox.

You might want to consider looking at an XML output which you build using the AJAX libraries.

This quote:
(Side Note: Neat trick, and a tip o’ the hat to the folks at SFDC who came up with this one. Did you know the Export to Excel command doesn’t actually export a native Excel file? It’s actually a stripped down HTML document marked up with MS stylesheet notations and an .XLS extension. Brilliant idea to get around figuring out the Excel binary file format!)
from this post:


Might provide some food for thought.

Hope that helps