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Web Site Integration

Can anyone advise me on what methods are available to integrate the Salesforce Customer Portal functionality into an external website, in particular:
1. We would like to customers to log in once to our corporate web site, and then when accessing our support area auomatically have access to Salesforce to log new calls or view existing calls?
2. I have seen how some users have incorporated the Customer Portal pages directly into their site using an IFRAME, is this the only way? Reason I'm not happy with this solution is the invitable scroll bars and the need for sub menus. Ideally I would OUR interface to have tabs for New Call, View Calls etc...
Any help of advise appreciated.
There are few ways you can do this. This information might help full.
There are a few approaches to integrating a Portal’s membership management system with Salesforce.
1) Wrap your home site web pages in an IFRAME that references Salesforce hosted Self-Service pages.
2) Create custom fields on Lead/Contact records, such as “Portal Account Name”, that map to the portal membership module. Query in real-time or synchronize in batch.
3) Use the SelfServiceUser object directly from the portal using the Salesforce API.
4) Our approach was to use something similar to the ASP.NET 2.0 Profile Provider and synchronize it with Salesforce.
I found this in one of posts around this area. Do lil search in this discussions you will find plenty of info.