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How can I call an s-control's functionality from my own web app?

I have a web application that coverts a lead into an account then creates an agreement and adds an attachment to the agreement. My problem is I can't make salesforce send the agreements out for signature. I can change the status of the agreement to "out for signature" but I never receive an email with the docs or see them in echosign. My question is how can I duplicate the custom s-control "send for signature" functionality in my web application? Is there a way to trigger the s-control from my web application? Any help in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Paulo,

I also face the same issue, we build a  .NET application and consume sfdc WSDL, then overtime, we need to run s-control which is build in sfdc to a custom link. Is there anyway to run s-control from .Net?

I can see the scontrol object and WebLink object from API, but anyway to run it from API?



I am not sure about calling a s-control from your web site. But I know you can call Apex Code from your web site. Apex Code will be transferred to Web Service by the end, so you will be able to reference the web service and use it in your environment.
Also with your problem, how about if you set-up a workflow and through any specific change to a object, you call your web services. We have done something like that in one of our solutions. We trigger an email send for specific change in SF object. (Eg: Lead) The email sending part is a web service sits in our servers.