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Need to capture a user info

Hi All,
I need to capture user information based on customers id on the page. On each user info page, I will have a custom button where will trigger an email. On that email, I will show some user information such as Name and Address. Is there any API or sample code to do this? I would assume a custom web service will a good fit to do this. Thanks in advance. 
Did you get any help about this? I dont think you can find specific code for this requirement. You dont really need web services, well you could use them but not really necessary.
What you should do, create a custom link or a tab and pass customer ID to that page. (hope u know how to do this?) This page can sits any where (eg in your web server)
In that page you need to write the code to login to SF(code available) and do all the email sending etc...
Once you login to the SF from your web page and by having the Customer ID, you can retrieve all the information about the Customer(Lead, contact etc etc).
 Let me know if you get into trouble.
Zitizon X
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Hi ZitizonX,

I thank you for your response. Could you send me the link of the sample code for login to SF, and retrieve user info by passing the CustomerID. Thanks in advance.

In the API guide have a look at the "QUICK START" section.
It has the code for login.
The section "Step 4: Walk Through the Sample Code" will tell you how to retrieve from a object such as Contact, Lead etc...
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