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Import Export Documents from Salesforce!!!!

I have a requirement in which I have to perform image manipulations on the image files contained in the Salesforce Document Tab. The operation logic is contained in a Web Application that I am hosting on some other webserver.
Is it possible to import documents from Salesforce using the WSDL methods to my web site, perform operations and then upload the updated documents back to Salesforce database?
I am specifically looking for the document Import and Export Mechanism here! If possible, please provide detailed description!!!
Thanks in advance...:smileyhappy:
Hello Chan,

The items in the documents tab are simply records like any other object in salesforce.com.  The body of the document, whether it is a word doc or image is a base64 encoded string of bytes.  This means that you can base64 decode this string to an array of bytes (some SOAP clients do this by virtue of properly understanding the type from the wsdl) and stream the bytes to disk or manipulate the stream in memory.

Exporting then is just querying for the document and importing is either updating or creating a document type record.

Hello there,
I'd be interested in your tips on how to upload the URL for a public document rather than the document itself.
Tips welcome.