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Migrating an JSP Page to salesforce.com

I have couple of JSP Pages and I want to migrate it into force.com as custom Objects. Are there any tool or adapters available for this migration.
There are not migration tools, but hopefully the core of your HTML / CSS can be moved over to visualforce without too much work.
sara .netsara .net
Thanks for the update. one way that i can think of is to parse the JSP Page, construct declarative Meatdata XML files and then use Metadata API for deploying it into force.com. am forseeing some of the challenges here, How to handle JSP Directives, JSP Tags, Scripting Elements, custom buttons etc.
Hi Sara,
       I have few JSP files and i want to shift this pages into Salesforce.com as custom objects(tabs).
Please guide me step by step approach to achieve this.

Thanks in advance,