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Webservice Issue

good day, 


I got following error when i call the webservice method via SoapUI program



         <faultstring>No operation available for request {http://soap.sforce.com/schemas/class/AposIntegrati onUtil}createOpportunity</faultstring>



<faultstring>No operation available for request {http://soap.sforce.com/schemas/class/AosIntegratio nUtil}createOppty</faultstring>


anyone please enlighten what are the possibility that can caused this ?


Thank you !



You're sending the request to the wrong URL, check the WSDL for the correct URL.


Hi Simon and Nakata,


I'm pretty newbie in web service ...help me to understand ..say if i using SOAPUI application


in WSDL file , are we suppose first check on 'Soap address' ?


if Soap address = https://test.salesforce.com/services/soap/c/18.0/0DFR000001


so the Soap address will be the right URL to call ?


or when i send request to login method, i can see <serverURL> , should it be this ?



You need to use the service address from the WSDL for your custom createOppty apex web service.


Thanks Simon ....


Could you also please share in what situation we need enterprise over partner WSDL ?