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Multiple Approval Process in follow up how to?

Hi, I have 2 approval process I want to know that if my record meets criteria and goes into first approval process then for what condition like : if record is approved will it be going to second approval process if the record meets criteria or not?

On what condition does two approval will run one by one.


Instead of creating two approval processes, why don't you create one approval process and have steps in it.


If you have to have two approval processes then you need to handle the approval processes from apex putting if/else statements.


Its like i need to have first contidition for auto approval and after that i need to have three skip step approval process. the problem is that when i use auto approval for first stem then i need to assign user if its not going to auto approve,


but if i do that the request will have to approve from that user then after  it will go to next or u can say first skip step approval.


How to do that as auto approval condition should not go to user if condition satify and the process continues


Approval process does provide the If/else functionality when you define multiple steps in the process. What you have to do is define more than one approval steps and then go back to edit the first step. Then you will see an if/else kind of picklist. Use that.


Or as i said before, you would have to use apex approval functionality and handle the condition in two different approval process.