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smith indiasmith india 

i need answers for these

1) how many rollup summary fields can we create for an object?

2) how many record types for object 

3) how many pick-lists for object

4) how many active validation rules for object

5) what is Queue ?

6) how many reports we can create in an app ?


Hi smith india


you can create 10 rollup summary fields on an object.

Record types overall u cant exceed 200 record types for organisation.

picklist u can have 500 for EE and 800 for UE per object.Dependentpicklist 300 per object.

Validation Rules active 100 per object in EE 500 per object in UE.

Queues:-Queues help your teams manage leads, cases, service contracts, and custom objects. Once records are placed in a queue manually or through an automatic case or lead assignment rule, records remain there until they're assigned to a user or taken by one of the queue members. Any queue member or users above them in the role hierarchy can take ownership of records in a queue. For example:lead queues and case queues etc.

There is no limit for reports on app as far i know.


for more info check this:-