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Accessing documents on your network from within Salesforce


I'm wondering if anyone came accross the following scenario:

We are trying to create links in Salesforce.com that will launch word, excel, powerpoint documents etc stored on our network drive (within our firewall).

Has anyone come accross this situation? If so, I would really appreciate help and documentation (if any).


I believe that you can use file:// URLs to access the network. You'll need to make sure the drive letter(s) are mapped on each PC or the links will fail.

You'll want to Google for the right syntax to use to handle the drive letter (can't remember if it's with or without the colon, and mabye an extra /) unthe URL.

If you utilize UNC path such as \\myserver\myshare\mydocument it should work perfectly as a web link from within salesforce.  If you go in the document section, it's already outlined as an option to point to the document instead of uploading it in the bank.




Is there an example you could provide me with, I'm having trouble googling this!



Ok....i figured it out.....this is awesome guys!

Thanks for all your help...

Just in case someone else comes accross this scenario again, here's what I did:


Thanks again...