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Help with data extracting and loading

Hi All,


I have this CSV which has tasks list which needs to be loaded into the tasks. I donot have Whatid's. The whatId's in my case are Contacts. But instead i have a field called ClientID which is a external id field on Contacts. Is there any way i can pull the ContactId's(WhatId) based on that external id field into the CSV file?



Extract the contact external id and id and add them to your csv.

But i dont need all the Contact id's . I just need contactId's for those ClientID(ExternalId) which are there in my csv file

First copy everything to the excel and then use vlookup to find and replace all the corresponding contact id

I think you should be able to use the external id to load data directly without having to get the salesforce id. In the data loader step 2a. select the external id as the matching field and in step 2b. choose the related object (Ex: Contact_r=External ID). In step 3 map Contact = Contact_r:External ID


Hope this helps.