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Non Mandatory Field does not accept Blank/Null values



In a custom object, we had a field that was mandatory for few months. But then due to business logic change, we made the custom field (Company Name) as not mandatory.


Even after makeing the field not required, the object is not accepting a record to be entered with blank Company Name.

I have double checked the Page layouts too if the Company name is made mandatory there.


Usually the records are entered to this object through webservice calls. The webservice calls also fail if the Company Name is blank.


Can any one give me some idea how to handle this.





Hi VKrish,

Have you updated the WSDL in the program or code which makes the web-service call, because in case you are using the Enterprise WSDL it needs to be updated with the newer version.

Do let me know if it solves your query.


Thanks ...


I got it!

When the field was a required field, in the page layout company name is made mandatory for all the prfoile users.

Some how I missed to check the profile level field accessibility, I got the bug.