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Event capturing in Article Management Tab.....

Hi All,

An unusual use case , I am using Salesforce knowledge article for case management i.e.. Case solving.
where support user able to search related articles using Salesforce Standard layout for a specific case.
Actually I want to track the activity/operation that support user performs on Article Management tab.
Operation like
1. "Go" button click
2. Attach existing article to case
3. Save new article
4. Save new article as draft
5. Publish new article
6. Edit existing article

Whenever the above listed  operations are triggered I want to call/initiate a third party services using either Javascript or Apex callout to execute some business rules.

As I know its a standard Salesforce layout and didn't find any way to capture such events.

Also we know that we can add custom button / visualforce page to the standard Salesforce layout.


So I need your help / Any work around / suggestion on this use case would be highly appriciated.

Thanks in advance.