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Kalpana ReddyKalpana Reddy 

could someone answer these questions

Universal containers tracks reviews as a custom object in a recruiting application. An interview score is tracked on each review record and should be numerical, so that hiring managers can perform score calculations. The scores should be restricted to integer values 1 through 5 and displayed as a set of radio buttons.

How would developer meets this requirement.

a)      Create the interview score field as a picklist, displayed as radio button on the page layout

b)      Create a visualforce component to display the interview score as a set of radio buttons

c)       Create the interview score field with a data type of radio button

d)      Create a formula field that displays the interview score as a set of radio buttons.


How a developer does enables user to access tags in the sidebar. Select 3 chocies:

1.    Adding tags to the sidebar in home page layout

2.    By enabling tags for public groups.

3.    Enabling Tags on user profile.

4.    By enabling Tags on page-layout and object.

5.    Enabling Tags for org


Which feature is available for custom objects, choose 3 answers

a)      Assignment rules

b)      Field history tracking

c)       Criteria based sharing

d)      Queues


A developer would like to enable end users to filter the data displayed on the related list of an object detail page.

How could a developer accomplish this?

a)      Customize the search filter fields layout for that object

b)      Create a visualforce page to replace the object detail view

c)       Configure the object’s related list to add a filter

d)      Enable advanced search on the object’s related list


What statement is true about field level security, chose 2

a)      It determines the values displayed in a visible picklist field

b)      It can be controlled at the record level

c)       It is specified for each profile

d)      It is enforced in the web services API


How can a wireless device user approves a record

a)      Via voice recognition

b)      Via email from a wireless device

c)       Via a text message

d)      Via a mobile browser that supports access to the salesforce.com web application


What are the components of the dashboard that use grand totals across a set of data? please choose two (2) items?

a)      Chart

b)      Metric

c)      Table

d)     Gauge

Jeff MayJeff May

looks like someone is trying to get certified.  I think you'll be much better prepared for the certification and your role as an Administrator if you use a Dev org and work through each of these items so you understand the features and behaviors behind the answers.