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Need a webservice with external xsd

Hello ,


Please could you point me to some free webservice in which the xsd used is external ?


So I want a webservice which is using import statement to include xsd.

I want to consume such  a webservice on salesforce 


Appriciate your help.





According to the salesforce docs salesforce doesnt allow WSDL to import schema from outside , e.g.



Apex does not support any other WSDL constructs, types, or services, including:


Thanks for your reply.

I know that it is not possible to use and external xsd file in your wsdl while converting into class in APEX.

Still I want sucha a webservice which is having an external XSD and then I would like go thru the exercise using such kind of wsdl anf then modifying the same for usage.


Hence i would appriciate if you could point me to such a webservice which has external xsd.