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Insufficient Privileges in the customer portal



  I have

1.Service Order(parent)

2. Technician Assignment ( 1.lookup to Service Order 2.lookup to Contact(External Technician))



I have created one visualforce page with web tab here I am showing all the Service Orders which are assigned to Contact(External Technician).

When Contact(External Technician) is login into customer portal the default tab is My Assigned Service Orders. Here the Technician can open any service Order and he can enter time for that particular Service Order he can modify the Service Order Status 'Completed' or 'Cancelled' but the record is not editing giving this error


Insufficient Privileges

You do not have the level of access necessary to perform the operation you requested. Please contact the owner of the record or your administrator if access is necessary. 

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I know he is not the owner of this record and I didn't give any sharing rules. I am totally confusing how to give Assigned Service Orders permissions to external technician(Contact)


 I got an Idea Can we use High Volume Customer Portal license if clone this Profile I can give all Service Order permissions "View All" and "Modify All" think it will workout for my requirement but I would like to know


 1. Am I right or wrong. Is there any other limitations.

 2. How much cost for High Volume Customer Portal license.


Is there any other way to do in my  Customer Portal Manager Standard Profile. 

The technician is able to see all his Assigned Service Orders but he couldn't able to enter the Time and Modify the Service Order.


Any help is Appreciated.






Have you checked  the CRUD permissions and Field Level security for the profile ?


Also, do you have any role hierarchy in your org. It may also affect.


The license description says:Can view and edit data they directly own or data owned by or shared with users below them in the Customer Portal role hierarchy; and they can view and edit cases where they are listed in the Contact Name field.