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Craig JonesCraig Jones 

Override enhancedList edit links



I am using a enhancedList within a custom visualforce page i have created. I wanted to amend the edit links (which show next to each of them items listed). Currently we you click the edit button it takes you to the default object page in salesforce to edit the object.


Could someone please give some pointers on the best way to override this so i can send to another custom visualforce page (such as /apex/MyObjectEdit - a page i want to use to edit my custom object) and load the item and its data?

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What I understand is that you want to override teh properties of edit button/link. If yes then you should go to the Object and select 'Buttons and Links' and then click 'Edit' next to Edit. From this page select 'Visualforce Page' and select your visual force page you wnat to load when edit is clicked. Click on save and your edit Button/Link is ready to load your Visualforce page.