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Offline Webform integration with Salesforce

Hello All,


I have a Client, who has an Enterprise Edition Org and they have asked us for a quotation for the following project. Since, I am relatively new to Salesforce, I would like your suggestions/comments on the Architecture of the App. 


  1. They have a approx. 50 field Technicians helping their Customers. The field technicians do not have salesforce login. The client is not gonna buy too :(
  2. Each Technician has to login to a webform to fill out service details on their iPad, which in return have to be saved in Salesforce. Also, some fields have to be Auto-populated in the webform from SF ( eg. Account Details)
  3. According to the Client, 20% of times, the technicians don't have internet connection on customers place, so the webform should have the capability to save data offline and then send it to SF, when it gets an internet connection.

Here is the Solution that I have planned:


  • A Rails App, hosted on Heroku utilizing the Force.com API for sending/receiving data from SF.
  • For offline storage, use HTML5 manifest capabilities and use CouchDB for its replication Engine.

I would like to know any suggestions/feedback regarding the same. Also, if there is a better way to achieve it, plz let me know. 

Would it be advisable to use Force.com REST API?? Any better suggestion for Offiline Storage??