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SSO to Box.com with Salesforce as IDP



I want to use Salesforce as an IDP and Box.com as a SP. I want to login to Box.com from my customer portal.

In other words, I want to use the portal credentials to login to Box. The appExchange app for Box will allow the integration of Salesforce.com platform and Box. Not the portal.


Please help.




Pat PattersonPat Patterson

Contrary to the (very old) thread that Fan@EXC linked to, Salesforce can act as an identity provider. The basics of creating an identity provider are described in Enabling Salesforce as an Identity Provider, and there is a discussion board thread that covers this exact topic: SSO with Salesforce as Identity Provider and Portal users.


Let me know if you have any questions and I'll be happy to answer them here.





Hi Pat,


Thanks for the suggestions. I would make it simple. Right now I am using Salesforce as IDP for login into google apps. It is working fine from standard salesforce.


Now, if I give the same IdP-Initiated Login URL to some link in my customer portal, it is not working. I have an icon in customer portal for google. It should login the  user to Google apps the same way my standard salesforce does. 


Please suggest the steps.




Pat PattersonPat Patterson

When you say it's not working - what do you actually see? What link are you using?

Hi i would like to also get an answer to this. Is there a solution now?