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Code Coverage

 Hi all,

  plz clear my doubt



I have trigger of 36% coverage and class of 69% will it be movable into production?

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No, it won't. It has to be at least 75%.

In order to move Trigger required code coverage should be 1 %

In order to move Apex Class required code coverage should 0 %


But orgr code coverage should be 75 % ( in order to deploy any component)

Jake GmerekJake Gmerek
A clear answer is that it depends on the code coverage of the rest of the code in your Org. If this is the first code being pushed to production it will fail. If the other code in your Org is covered enough that these additions do not bring it under 75% total you will succeed. Either way I would recommend trying to get your coverage for both the trigger and the class over 75% if possible. Then you should have no problems pushing this to production.