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Case Teams - Sandbox bug???

Hello All,


I used assignement rules inside of my Sandbox that when a case equals X criteria that it should add a predefined team to the case team members. The rule is active it is pretty simple criteria if escalated case (Picklist) equals X then add the case team. However it is not firing, I am curious as to wether this is a Sandbox bug and if I push this to production that it will have the same issue.


Any thoughts? It is the only rule in the assignements and it is active.






Predefined Case Teams Specifies the predefined case team(s) to add to a case when it matches the condition not to add a predefined team to the case team members.


Reference: https://help.salesforce.com/apex/HTViewHelpDoc?id=creating_assignment_rules.htm&language=en_US


Hello Vinita,


The answer you provided does not make sense to me.


If you are adding a predifened case team to a case, why would it not show up in the relationship under case team members as this is where you set up a predefined case team.


Furthermore when you use the lookup on the assignment rule, it is showing the selection that you create inder the case team member section.