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Visualforce page with referenced flow doesn't trigger reRender

Hi all,


I have a visualforcepage which is calling a flow with the following tag:


<flow:interview name="BasicActions" interview="{!myFlow}"  buttonStyle="" buttonLocation="bottom" reRender="rerender_panel" />        


The flow "BasicActions" has different screens and each time the next button is clicked, the reRender is triggered.

Everything fine there.


Next to this, my "BasicActions"-flow has multiple referenced flows inside. Those referenced flows have also multiple  inputscreens.

Clicking next while beiing in a referenced flow appearently doesn't trigger the reRender on the parent flow "BasicActions", while this is required in my case.


Anybody knows how to trigger the reRender when clicking on a button in the flow or referenced flow?

I want the data in the inputfields rendered on my visualforce page.