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Need help with Quickbooks-Salesforce integration.

I have been looking for a good and affordable way to drive Quickbooks Invoice generation from our Salesforce instance.  Searching the Appexchange, I've found lots of choices, but I haven't found a good fit yet.  My company uses Salesforce very differently than most.  We don't use Opportunities, and it seems all the available options out there are all about syncing Accounts to Customers, and Opportunities to Invoices.  Our instance is very different, and all of our invoicing would be driven off of a handful of custom objects with very specific logic behind when to trigger billing.  It can get pretty convoluted.  I'm not sure if I just need someone who can develop a custom app for us.  I've been working with DBSync for over a month, and they have been HORRIBLE with communicating to us, and I'm ready to drop them and try to find another way.


Can anyone point me in the right direction?  If there are any specific questions I can answer, please let me know.


Thank you very much.





Hi George,

There are ways to customize a 3d party tool like Boomi to have the integration work the way you need it.  You would most likely need a Salesforce partner to come in and assist with the data point customizations.  Aside from that, you could have the integration custom built which would most likely double the original cost but would save you from having any recurring fees.  I work for Riptide and we do custom Quickbook Integrations on a weekly basis. 


Please feel free to reach out to me.


Scott Brandt

Riptide Cloud






Thanks Scott, I'll keep your contact info handy and may reach out to you in the next week or 2.