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Salesforce providing error logs...


I've got an issue with a workflow rule that sometimes will fail randomly for no apparent reason. But you receive an email with the error code, the record and the workflow that couldn't execute properly eg:


Object Type: Subscription

Record: S0296148-10


Workflow Rules attempted: Set Subs Status: C-Lg https://cs7.salesforce.com/01Q200000006l4D

Workflow Actions attempted: Set Subs Status: C-Lg https://cs7.salesforce.com/04Y200000000Woe

Error Number: 1810175818-62655 (-1072421861) 
Date: 13 Mar 2012 12:49:43 GMT


Previously I've emailed support and asked for the debug log for the particular error number and they have sent it to me. But now I'm being pinged around all over support redirecting to different teams without actually getting the error log. I'm sure this is something they used to be able to do because i've done it before. Is this still something they can do? if so how do I tell them how to get the log??


Kartik PerisetlaKartik Perisetla


The main reason you get such error codes during execution of workflows is that the Force.com runtime environment doesn't find the record on which it is fired or the record gets deleted during execution and it leaves the runtime environment in inconsistent state.


I faced similar issue, hence I raised case same as you did. But I was able to resolve it on call with Force.com team. They said the workflow isn't able to find record for which workflow is fired.


I will suggest you to verify that your records doesn't get deleted when workflow is fired.


No the records haven't been deleted and if you go to the record and do exactly the same action as the workflow it works fine. So I can't replicate the issue.


Hello Dataville!


Did you manage to find a solution to this issue?  I'm experiencing it as well and would greatly benifit from the solution





Not really, but I did some updates to some non-bulkified code that had been written and we haven't had the errors since so I probably put it down to that. If you don'y know workflows don't fire one at a time so if several are going to fire around the same time Salesforce will batch them together, so if you have non-bulkified code you could hit limits which you don't hit if the user does the action themselves.


Another issue could be record locking so the record was locked for editing and the workflow can't update it.


The issue turned out to be security / permissions based; the workflow was running in a user context that didn't have access to the record that was to be operated upon.


Which matches with the explanation given by the Force.com team.


They said the workflow isn't able to find record for which workflow is fired.


Thanks for the response!