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Customer Portal Lockout Message

It appears that when a customer portal user attemptes to login to many times and gets locked out, the login failed message doesn't change to indicate they've been locked out. Does anyone know if there's a way to change this so the error message is more informative? 


I was also wondering if it is possible to have different password policies for customer portal than for standard salesforce?





I was facing same issue, I was looking for changing error message on portal, but no luck 





The "locked out" message is intentionally the same as the "invalid username" error and all others to avoid a breach of security (account enumeration, primarily, as well as a DDoS style attack by forcibly locking out a user programmatically with verification). The "forgot password" screen behaves much the same way, as well. I don't remember which organization made that recommendation, and personally I find it a pain in the ... well, anyways, it is what it is. You'll have to deal with it.