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Regarding salesforce license types


We've 10 salesforce license- which was purchased some months back.

I recently joined the team,


1) How can I find which kind of license(professional, enterprise, unlimited etc).  I think, I could find looking the features available but justed wanted to check, if some easy way available. For now, it seems to me, it is enterprise edition


2) We've consumed all 10 licenses and  now we want to give just 'read' access of 'accounts & 'contacts' to atleast 10 more people. Do we need to purchase license for this or any easy way available.


I checked chatter free license type, for which I can add 5000 users.. but finding they can't access any such standard object.


Please suggest!!



For 1) Just take your mouse to title bar of your browser after loggin to salesforce and you will be able to see which edition of salesforce you are using.

For 2) I think you will have to get the licenses (but just wait for couple of posts - if someone who knows more about licensing can give you better solution for this.)





Please refer below link from salesforce documents:




Hope this helps:)







The different editions have different rules on creating or modifying user profiles. You would need to do this to restrict a sub-set of your users to read only access. To see what is allowed for the various profiles, you can look at the edition comparison chart - linked below.




For example, Professional Edition does allow custom profiles, but it is an extra monthly charge beyond just the license cost. But if you have Enterprise Edition, then custom profiles are included.