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Parent Accounts - Child Cases

I need advice.


We want to build an account hierarchy of parent accounts and child accounts (no deeper), with a related list on the parent account and the parent account field on the child account pointing back to the parent.  We have done this - so far so good.


Next, we need the contacts at the parent account to be able to create cases for the child accounts either thru customer portal or by our support group creating cases for them.  The contacts at the parent accounts need to be able to see, add comments and attachments to these cases at their child accounts.


Do we need a sharing rule?  at account or case?  or ???

Ritesh AswaneyRitesh Aswaney
Normally you'd need sharing rules only if your sharing model was private for case or account if it's public read write, you don't need sharing rules.

It is private, but was set up this way before my time.  I assumed it was this was becuase we only wanted our customers to see their own cases. not anyone else's. Now we want to expand that such that the contacts at the parents are able to see cases at their childs accounts, but not anyone else's. 


I have a similar need. Did you ever solve this?