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Restrict Lead/Campaign Member Visibility

We have a process where the Campaign Record is created and the Leads are loaded and attached to the campaign a few weeks before the mailers are sent out.   What I want to do is not have those leads show up in the sales rep search results  until the 'Drop Date' on the campaign in TODAY or Less.  Any ideas on this?  Thanks




I would set up a trigger on CampaignMember - you can't put a trigger on CampaignMemberStatus - to automatically update the Status field and a custom Drop Date field on the parent Lead whenever the Campaign Member Status changes to "Sent". This new Status means "Something has been sent to this Lead so hide it from the Lead owner until the Drop Date".


Now, you can't actually hide a record from its record owner using sharing rules. What you can do, however, is set up a batch job to run overnight and whenever it finds a Lead with a "Sent" status and a Drop Date earlier than TODAY(), it updates the record type for that Lead to one that has a page layout that hides or makes read-only the necessary information for the record owner to reach out and contact that Lead until the campaign actually drops. (You can customize this page layout to include instructions to the Lead owner to wait until the drop date.)


Hope this helps,