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Error Deploying Permission Set into Production

I'm getting the following strange error when deploying a Permission Set from a CS3 (Winter 13) Sandbox into NA13 (Summer '12) production org. Normally, there shouldn't be issues deploying between the two, but I'm fairly sure this error is due to the version difference:


Unknown user permission: AllowContacts20


A clip of the permission set source code with the above setting is below.




Has anyone run into a similar issue deploying permission sets between orgs of different api versions?



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I've run across numerous issues deploying between sandbox and production when the release is different between the two orgs, particularly when the sandbox is newer than production - the new release will frequently have functionality that isn't in the older org, which means that you cannot deploy it until the older org gets upgraded - or you have to defer deploying that functionality until later.

Good luck!




Facing the same issue. Were you able to find a solution ?