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Approval Process in Salesforce



Is it possible to implement a hierarchial level of approval in Salesforce. Say, i have a record. The record owner creates and submits the record for approval, the reviewer approves the record-Step 1. Step 2 will be the record will be sent for approval the the Manager. Step 3 will be the record will be sent for approval to the Group leader(say).


We only have the option of assigning multiple users, so the same record will be sent for approval to multiple users, but what i require is after step 1, step 2 approval should happen, after step 2, step 3 approval should happen. If in any level the record is rejected the record must go to the prev level for correction.


Please let me know if this is possible to achieve.




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I figured it out myself. We can add approval steps with each level approval defined as each step. The problem that i faced was the Approval process was activated and hence the approval steps 'Add' button was not available in the related list. Upon deactivating and deleting the approval records, i could proceed.