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Sai Ram ASai Ram A 

Getting Error message while record is created through inbound email

Scenarion to understand: lets say 5 emails of same format sent to salesforce address,  3 got created and 2 getting Bounced.


The error message i am receving in my mail is 

Error Occured: System.ListException: List index out of bounds: 1
And if i check in Debug Log received template at saleforce end is 
The Microsoft Exchange Server Mailbox Manager has performed an automated
cleanup of your mailbox.
2 item(s) were deleted from the System Cleanup/Inbox folder.
1 item(s) were moved from the /Inbox folder to the System Cleanup folder.

For additional information contact your Business Help Desk.
Can some one Help me in Resolving this.
Thanks in Advance



Can you please post your code here. And the exact line where the error happens?