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IDE install issue

Hello there,

I'm getting the following error message when attempting to install the ide plug-in for Eclipse Galileo 3.5.2(

Build id: 20100218-1602



An error occurred while collecting items to be installed
  session context was:(profile=epp.package.java, phase=org.eclipse.equinox.internal.provisional.p2.engine.phases.Collect, operand=, action=).
  Problems downloading artifact: osgi.bundle,com.salesforce.ide.api,
    MD5 hash is not as expected. Expected: cfe2af79a543696580b0dc8120ae63ea and found 799c5bdd31a89e7c60f647137a85e908.
  Problems downloading artifact: osgi.bundle,com.salesforce.ide.core,
    MD5 hash is not as expected. Expected: 2850ffbb014faaf022bbb32f146ee699 and found fa691ae51499a0f4080b1ccfd1dc5774.
  Problems downloading artifact: osgi.bundle,com.salesforce.ide.documentation,
    MD5 hash is not as expected. Expected: 314d2f02d4c7e63caaff7feff76dcd87 and found adc8ecfc283f9f80ce0ba8b024fb0f30.


Any ideas?  Seems like there's MD5 hash issue...


What a mess.  This seems related to Admin rights on the Vista host.


This link was helpful.  I had to download the jars and basically follow the instructions.  Running as Admin didn't work for me...   It generated a access error.  Anyway laptop security related; it seems to me.