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Populate some information on the fly from (our)d/b to sforce a/c

We are looking into upgrading SFDC integration from our application. Basically looking for autopopulating some data into sforce a/c  from our d/b on the fly.

For example if some one try to create a new lead from UI and enter company name, than some link or button can check if that company is existing in our d/b and it pouplate other information automatically.


Is it possible to use scontrol object for this kind of feature or what is the easiest solution to integrate this feature.





I have had the same issue recently.
Currently, you cannot trigger a process from the SF UI after creating or updating object. (and please someone correct me if i'm wrong)
You can only trigger a workflow, which cannot call a sforce object or page, but can send emails (not going to help you)

So what i suggest, is make a Web Link and instruct your users to click that once that have done the creation,


Setup a process that runs periodically, and pulls down the newest leads (or required objects) from SF, and updates your DB


Another mechanism might be to provide a search page as a webtab that allows the user to search your db and based on the results appropriately load the correct page, possibly prefilled.