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Task creation

I'm trying to automate task creation, but I'm getting an error message indicating that the AccountId field is not updateable. If I don't set a value for AccountId the task appears to be created without error, but I can't find it anywhere. Without the AccountId association I'm not sure what the "tie" is between the task and anythng else.

Any suggestions?

Anyone? I just dumped out all my Task table data so I could review. I found the newly created task, but the AccountId field was not populated.

I also tried first creating the task and then going back and updating the AccountId field. No dice. Same error.

I'm dying here . . .

You are correct that the accountid field is not updatable. It is generated automatically if you assign the task to a contact.

However, what you are looking for is the WHATID field. You set this field with the account id if you wish to assign the task to an account.

To dive deeper into the Task object:

Since the task object can be assigned to either Accounts, Opportunities, Contacts or Leads there are two generic fields to set for assignment. If you are assigning the Task to a person (Contact/Lead) you set the WHOID; if you are assigning the Task to an object (Account/Opportunity) you set the WHATID.

Admittedly, the autogenerated AccountId field is confusing because of the name collision. At least the describe shows it not to be updateable which helps a little.

That's what I needed to know. Thank you for your help.