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Duplicate records


We are sending bulk records to salesforce using web services. The objects array is created of size 200. In this 200 records, there is a chance of having the records which is already existing in Salesforce database. Due to this duplicates occuring. Wouldn't SF check the Firstname, Lastname, address fields as key before creating new records? If not, then what is the procedure to avoid this situation. ALso most of transactions are bulk like craetign 40,000 records sometimes...
Please advice.

There is no logic in salesforce right now to check if the records already present. At least , none that I m aware of..

You could check the data that you are trying to create , if it already present in the salesforce either via API call (query) or use the data related tools(sfoce open source projects).

FYI: RingLead, a salesforce certified partner, provides exactly the service you are looking for - the ability to find duplicate records in your lists before importing them into salesforce.com. You may want to explore this by checking out our website:
Chirag MehtaChirag Mehta
ITs a simple thing ,write down a before insert trigger which will check for duplicate and throw error for recrods which are alredy in SFDC ...