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API Call LImits

I know that I can find the number of API requests over the last 24 hours in the UI via Setup | Company Profile | Company Information. However, that doesn't quite give me everything I need:


  • Is there any way to monitor the API Call Count programmatically through Apex? For example, can I schedule a process to run every hour, in which some Apex code checks the count, compares it to the organization's 24-hour limit, and emails me if I'm at a certain percentage of the limit?


  • Once the 24-hour limit has been reached, is there any way to count the number of API calls that are attempted and rejected?


I know that I can get a report of the API call counts over the last 7 days via Reports | Administrative Reports | API Usage Last 7 Days. However, this report only summarizes the API call count per day. Is there any way to get a report at a finer level of granularity, like per hour?


Please check the foolowing article on API call limit and how you can program it.




did you ever get this answered? I am struggling with this now too.

No, I never found a way to use Apex to determine where we are with regard to the limit.