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re : VMForce


is vmforce is under development..? 

and i have a samall issue regarding springs in springsource that,


initially for creating a vmforce app we need to develop that app in SpringSource IDE, here i'm getting problem, although it's a vmforce but initially to run that spring it has to reun on the local server called "vmserver"  But I'm nable find that server.

If anybody help me I'd be very thankfull to them..


thanks & regards



VMforce is not currently generally available. Please check http://vmforce.com regularly for updates.



if you open the SpringSourceToolsuite (STS)-Dashboard, you find a link called "extensions". If you click it, you can select vmForce or something like that. Click it to install. Then in the server view of STS you choose "New" from right mouse menu and select vmforce server.


Yeah, I found that, But when the vmforce comming to the exixtance........?


your question ist when vmforce is released? I'm also trying to get this information. I cannot deploy to vmforce. It says "wrong email or password". I think the reason is that vmforce is still in the development phase. Do you agree?


Yeah, I asked same Question to many People. and they said me the same - "vmforce is under Development....!"