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DatedConversionRate - Dated Currencies example

I am trying to create a new DatedConversionRate through an API call, but I keep getting an error message.
I can't find any examples for this feature, so I really need some help please.

The error I get is "invalid parameter value"
and than: UNKNOWN_EXCEPTION  (In captial)

This is the code, your help will be appreciated

Please look at the
else if (rbDated.Checked)   part. this is where I handle multicurrency. The first part works perfectly.
        private void updateFunction(string updatedId, string toCurISO)
            setResultText("Updating new currency."); 
            //            SFenterprise.sObject[] records = binding.query();

            SFenterprise.sObject[] updateCurrencies = new SFenterprise.sObject[1];

            if (rbStandard.Checked)
                SFenterprise.CurrencyType newCurrency = new CurrencyUpdater.SFenterprise.CurrencyType();

                newCurrency.Id = updatedId;

                newCurrency.ConversionRate = Convert.ToDouble(txtNewValue.Text);
                newCurrency.ConversionRateSpecified = true;

                updateCurrencies[0] = newCurrency;

            else if (rbDated.Checked)
                SFenterprise.DatedConversionRate newDatedCurrency = new CurrencyUpdater.SFenterprise.DatedConversionRate();

                newDatedCurrency.Id = updatedId;
                newDatedCurrency.ConversionRate = Convert.ToDouble(txtNewValue.Text);
                newDatedCurrency.ConversionRateSpecified = true;
                newDatedCurrency.StartDate = dateTimePicker1.Value.ToUniversalTime(); 
                newDatedCurrency.StartDateSpecified = true;
                newDatedCurrency.IsoCode = toCurISO;

                updateCurrencies[0] = newDatedCurrency;


            setResultText("Updating SalesForce");
            SFenterprise.SaveResult[] sr = binding.update(updateCurrencies);

            txtResult.Text = sr.ToString();