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Accessing External webservice in Salesforce application

I developed a web service in ASP.Net application. How can i access this service in Salesforce.com application
.Net WebService.Net WebService
Thanks Simon for quick reply. Well when i try to parse My WSDL I am getting  the following error.
 Could you help me to solve this
Error: Failed to parse wsdl: Found more than one wsdl:portType. WSDL with multiple portType not supported
Thanks In advance
You can only have 1 type of port facing outside and it has to be soap1.1.

So you only want one wsdl:portType element and then at the bottom make sure you only have one of these:

  <wsdl:service name="ServiceName">
    <wsdl:port name="BasicHttpBinding_ServiceName" binding="tns:BasicHttpBinding_ServiceName">
      <soap:address location="https://ServiceUrl/integrationsA/ServiceTest.svc"/>