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Pankaj KPankaj K 

Getting xsd error while Inserting record in salesforce

I have a webservice that read a xml and then Insert the record in the saleforce while inserting reocrd it is throuhing this error "#myvalue is not valid for the type xsd:double". Any one can help why this error is keep coming.


Note: #my value is 23,84,172.87 in the xml.

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Pankaj KPankaj K

Resolved this error long back sorry to reply late..:P


When we build up the object for creation based on the values in the request's form, if we don't find an item (i.e. it evaluates to None), we coerce this value into an empty quote. While this is fine for many field types on Salesforce objects, this doesn't work for things like double types or other integer variants. We handle this correctly on dates, but not integers


please refer this link http://plone.org/products/salesforcepfgadapter/issues/8