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HTTP POST Callout to .NET Web Service

Hello Everyone,


I have created a RESTFUL .NET Web Service using WCF. I want to integrate this web service within Salesforce.

My code for .NET and Salesforce is below. The problem i am facing right now is that whenever i populate the body and pass XML data my .NET web service returns bad request error. For testing my .NET Web service i had created a client in C# and also used tool called fiddler. It works fine for both of them.


My .NET Code,


Code for IService


[WebInvoke(UriTemplate = "getXML", Method = "POST", ResponseFormat = WebMessageFormat.Xml, RequestFormat = WebMessageFormat.Xml)]
String getXML(XElement response);



Code for Service

public String getXML(XElement response)
return "Hello World";


My Salesforce APEX Code is,


 HttpRequest req = new HttpRequest();
req.setHeader('Content-Type', 'text/xml');

req.setCompressed(true); // otherwise we hit a limit of 32000
req.setHeader('Accept', 'text/xml;charset=utf-8');
String email='karnadesai@gmail.com';
string firstName='karna';
String requestString = '<list>'+


Http http = new Http();
HttpResponse res = http.send(req);



I get bad request error only when i set the body of request. I have to pass data using XML only to this web service. Thanks for your help

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Problem Solved.

For some reason .NET does not expect compressed data and also there is no need setting content length explicitly.

Remove Following Lines

req.setCompressed(true); // otherwise we hit a limit of 32000